PDF-CAD to Revit Conversion Services

DZ has an excellent team of BIM specialists who works on plans regarding conversion. Our experts create detailed BIM models from the CAD drawings given to us. We do even converts basic hand drawings, 2D drawings, PDF drawings into BIM models with utmost precision. Our services are done with extreme detailing and focus and you won’t have to face any error or fault in the project because of the quality we provide. Our PDF to BIM or 2D and 3D CAD to BIM conversion services can help in progress of BIM models from existing 2D floor plans, elevations and sections in CAD or even in PDF format.

What is PDF or CAD to BIM Conversion Services?


PDF or CAD to BIM Conversion services has now turned out to be very essential in terms of architectural and structural works. With so many uses it has, it can be assumed that such conversion services are going to be in the market for the coming years as well. Keeping ourselves technologically ahead can let us carry excellent service results for our clients.

The traditional constructions usually consists of hand drawn sketches or PDF files of the building information. For reconstructing of such buildings CAD converted drawings and drafts produce high quality information. The accurate details of the CAD conversions helps in the building construction process. The error detection gets easier with CAD drawings. Also, any changes can be done to them easily which was impossible in case of paper-based drawings and PDF files. Hence, CAD plays an integral role in the architectural, engineering as well as construction works with all its various uses.

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