Plan & Manage Construction Project with Detailed 3D Model

VDC in construction, is an approach to manage construction project’s entire life cycle with enhanced visualization. Virtual Design Construction technique implementation with BIM are being adopted widely by construction companies . VDC services are facilitating project managers through digital twinning. A virtual model is created that is replica of actual structures and project sites to be created. Architects, engineers, and contractors use the digital model to visualize and plan building designs, construction processes, project timelines, and overall budget of the construction project. Our VDC engineers enhance the vision of construction professionals with better collaboration and value engineering.

Virtual Design and Construction companies adopt Virtual Reality VR, Augmented Reality AR, Drone technology for on-site and off-site project progress tracking. Our VDC BIM services to construction engineering companies ensures data enriched building process with quality assurance. DZ VDC engineers implement 3D BIM models and other data to plan out for Architecture, Engineering , Construction projects.  VDC modeling in construction designs facilitates clash detection, construction cost estimation to risk management and scheduling.



DZ. being one of the best BIM VDC Service Provider in KSA facilitates improved construction productivity to commercial, residential, industrial and renovation projects. Our VDC Consultants drive digital transformation in AEC sector with quality assurance.

  • Verify space usage & reduce construction problems by multi-disciplinary BIM 3D coordination during the pre-construction stage.
  • Helping AEC clients and project teams to understand projects during the design stage through our virtual BIM studio.
  • Visualization during preconstruction helps in defining accurate estimates of important aspects of a building.
  • Virtual designs presentation works as a promotional aspect to Virtual Design and Construction Companies.
  • Faster project approvals through 3D visualization and scientific evidence through BIM virtual tour for architectural firms, structural engineers and MEP designers at various stages of the design process, at different Level of Detail (LOD).

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