5D BIM Cost Estimation

5D BIM – Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-off Services

We provide a 5D BIM model that integrates the design, schedule, and cost of the project. We help project teams to be involved in the full conversation of the project rather than working in isolation and waiting for their turn to provide information about the project. With the help of Common Data Environment, our BIM model services can automatically generate quantities that provide more accurate data to the estimator.

5D BIM Provides Accurate Cost Estimates and Quantity Take-offs as per the Design and Construction Schedule.

We understand the importance of taking off measurements and quantities from a set of drawings and how time-consuming it is. Our 5D BIM model relies on Common Data Environment where all the project teams can collaborate and integrate their information. With the data connected to the 5D BIM model, the quantities and cost of the project get dynamically readjusted so that it is easier for the owner, project manager, general contractor, etc. to manage the cost of the project. Our 5D BIM services also provide overall cost estimation of the project by accurately calculating quantity takeoffs and material estimation by calculating every building product used and its costs for purchase, fabrication, assembly, and installation.

Benefits of 5D BIM Services

  • Better visual and data modeling capabilities to understand the project scope as the 5D BIM model is based on the design, materials, site conditions, phasing and other crucial parameters.
  • Helps in funding decisions as the team can have a better understanding of the project design, schedule, and factors drivers for costs. This helps project stakeholders to develop a reliable cost estimate for the entire project.
  • Automatic generation of Quantity take-offs eliminates the tedious task of manual labor which reduces the possibility of errors. It becomes easier for estimators to provide competitive bids for the project.
  • Accurate generation of BOQs and BOMs helps increases the efficiency of procurement and purchasing process for prefabricated building projects.
  • With the help of 5D BIM, project teams have construction drawings with detailed information of BOQs and BOMs.

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